Currently, several clients (therapeutical and non therapeutical devices) were successfully implemented and connected to specifically developed RehabGames by "RehabConnex".

The devices are normally used in stand-alone versions as automatic (therapy) systems. In the "IMIC"-project (Innovative Movement Therapies in Childhood) the following therapy robots/devices additionally function as therapeutical "game controllers":


The Lokomat® consists of a robot-assisted gait-orthosis with adjustable holders for the patients, a weight relief system, a treadmill and a VR-screen (for game-based therapy). Computer-assisted motors move the patient’s legs in a natural physical walk cycle with varying support of the robot.


The ChARMin is an arm-orthosis for pediatric movement therapies of the upper extremities. Its development is nearly finished and it will soon be ready for its implementation at the Zurich University Children’s Hospital Hospital / Rehabilitation Centre Affoltern a. Albis. The therapy robot can be used in combination with a VR-screen for game-based therapy. The ChARMin will be applied in therapy settings for children from 5 to 13 years. It will have four degrees of freedom (1. horizontal shoulder ab- and adduction; 2. shoulder flexion and extension; 3. shoulder internal/external rotation; 4. elbow joint and forearm) and supports or leads full arm movements. The ChARMin works both in right- and left-handed use (change-of-side mechanism) and is adjustable to the children’s individual sizes.

“PITS“ Glove (Pediatric Interactive Therapy System)

“PITS” (developed by the Institute of Neuroinformatics, ETH Zurich and University of Zurich) is a sensor-glove, which can be used as “game controller” in the “IMIC” setting. The glove and its inner sensor-system are replaceable, adjustable and allow for both left- and right-handed usage. Bending sensors inside the glove measure the finger’s extension and flexion. An accelerometer and a magnetometer evaluate the underarm’s position in space. The “PITS”-glove is successfully used as an input device in pediatric game-based movement therapy settings of the upper extremities. In the presented project it can also be combined with other “game controllers” through the “RehabConnex” middleware. The performance of grasping movements with the glove can be translated into gameplay parameters, triggering specific game tasks.

Color Tracking

The “Color Tracking” system is an “IMIC”- software development of the game designers (ZHdK), using a standard webcam in order to track a predefined color in a specific area. This input device can be used in its stand-alone version, as well as in combination with other “IMIC”-“game controllers”.

Non therapeutical Input Devices


The WaterRower® is a commercial rowing machine.